About Us

7VCKIT is a lifestyle apparel brand. We launched March First 2021 but the vision has been well established over 55 years through my Grandfather, Ulric Mapp. Ulric came from a large family with 8 siblings on the island of Barbados.

He learned what hard work was from day one helping his Father work on the farm. When he came of age he decided to take up the trade of sewing. Late nights and early mornings he perfected his craft and grew expeditiously.

He owned multiple factories and produced suits, school uniforms, police uniforms, public officials and more for the whole country. His brand was called Mapps Uniforms Unlimited.

Through his ambitious drive, determination, blood, sweat, and tears he was not only able to take care his family but hundreds of families. Unfortunately when he passed his brand went with him. As his first born Grandson I've decided to carry on his legacy by creating my own brand.

A brand that I beleive was within his heart when he created his empire. At somepoint he wanted more out of life and he might not have said these words but it was definitely the vibe. 7VCKIT I'm going to do me.